Baby and Us (Empowering Parents Empowering Communities)

For parents/carers of babies under 9 months.

9 week group programme led by trained parent facilitators.

This course is free and runs in term time in Children’s Centres.

What will I learn? It will help you to:

Understand your baby’s cues.

Cope with challenges around feeding, sleep and crying.

Interact positively with your baby.

Manage parental stress.

We encourage co-parents to attend together if possible.

What happens in a session?

EPEC courses are highly interactive, offering an engaging and creative blend of small and large group discussion, role play, demonstrations, information sharing and reflection.

Baby and Us covers topics such as:

Following your baby’s cues

How to feel more confident in your role as a parent

Learning to communicate responsively with your baby

Building a good attachment between you and your baby

An opportunity to develop friendships with other parents

Games, singing, physical touch and play to have fun with your baby

Understanding your baby’s temperament

Thinking about your relationships within the family and how these affect you and your baby

Support to understand your baby’s crying/ sleeping/feeding, and the practicalities of your baby’s routine