How do I book an appointment with Citizens Advice Bureau?

Please call 020 8106 9996 to book an appointment

At what age can I bring my baby to stay & play groups?

The baby group sessions start from new-born to around 1 years’ old. The stay and play group for 1-4yr olds is for children who are more mobile and walking. If you are unsure, please telephone the Centre to speak to a member of the team.

Can I bring my 6 year old to a stay and play session when I attend with my 3 year old during school holidays?

Unfortunately we can only accommodate children under the age of 5 at the Children’s Centre.

Can I leave my child here?

No, you will need to supervise your child at all times, unless you are attending a course with a crèche facility.

Can we bring food to the sessions?

We ask that you don’t bring any food with you and feed your child before you arrive to sessions. Please bring some drinking water with you.

Can you put the messy /water play away?

All activities provided during a stay and play session are there to benefit your child’s development, including messy and water play. We have aprons available for this type of play or, you may wish to bring with you a change of clothes for your child.

Can we come more than once a week?

Sessions are limited to once a week to ensure as many families as possible have the chance to attend.

Can you help me find a nursery for my child?

Yes, we can support you in finding a nursery place for your child, please call the Centre to speak to a member of our team.

Are the play sessions running?

We are currently running groups for babies and also stay and plays sessions for older children 1- 4 years.  All sessions need to be booked in advance. Please phone the Centre for more details or to book a place.